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2016.11.28 Nara Grassroots Summit Brochure Uploaded!
2016.06.28 Special web pages of Nara Grassroots Summit 2017 opened!

The Japan America Grassroots Summit is an annual large-scale meeting of Japanese and American citizens, held alternately in Japan and America

2017 Grassroots Summit will be held in Nara. State of Washington was selected as the venue of 2018 Grassroots Summit.

Grassroots Summits have been held for the past 26 years. Each year 100 – 200 people travel across the Pacific to take part.

CIE is non-profit “Public Interest Incorporated Foundation” authorized by Cabinet Office of Japanese government.

Messages from Shinzo Abe, Prime Minister of Japan, and from Caroline Kennedy, Ambassador of USA to Japan.

The friendship between John Manjiro and Captain Whitfield marks the beginning of Japan America grassroots exchange.

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