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About CIE-US

CIE-US is CIE’s partner in the United States. CIE-US helps to find and support host cities for Summits in the United States and also to encourage Americans to participate in Summits in Japan. Japan-America Societies across the United States have been important hosts of Summits in the U.S., most recently in Dallas/Fort Worth in 2012 and San Diego in 2014. The Japan-America Society of Georgia will host the 2016 Grassroots Summit in Atlanta.

Message from CIE-US President Gregory Boyko

CIE-US is proud to support Grassroots Summits in the United States and to help strengthen this unique people-to-people initiative between the U.S. and Japan. In 25 years, over 40,000 Japanese and Americans have participated in Grassroots Summits, making ours among the most enduring and important bilateral exchange programs. Please see information on past Summits here and upcoming Summits in Georgia in 2016 and Nara in 2017 here.

CIE-US’ approach is focused and collaborative. We have an experienced and dedicated Board of Directors. The National Association of Japan-America Societies acts as our Secretariat and we work closely with CIE in Japan and complementary organizations in the U.S. and Japan to support the Summits. We are deeply grateful to our sponsors listed below for their generous support of CIE-US.


CIE-US Board of Directors


Gregory Boyko

President, Honorary Consul-General of Japan in Connecticut

William Farrell

Treasurer, Naval War College Adjunct Professor

Peter Kelley

Secretary, President of National Association of Japan-America Societies


James Gannon

Japan Center for International Exchange (JCIE/USA)

Peter Grilli

Former President, Japan Society of Boston

Matthew Krebs

Executive Director, Japan Society of Boston

Urban Lehner

Paul Maruyama

Former President, Japan-America Society of Southern Colorado

Louisa Rubinfien

Debra Saito

Federal Reserve Bank of New York

John Stich

Honorary Consul-General of Japan in Dallas/Fort Worth

Hiroko Todoroki

Secretary General, CIE

Seiichiro Ted Uchida

Ginger Wange

New York Hall of Science

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