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“Shimane Summit Guide” Uploaded!
Shimane Summit Guide for the participants is now uploaded.

Shimane Summit Guid
[PDF Files 2.1MB]

Ohda and Oki Local Sessions are filled out!
Local Session areas of Ohda(7) and Oki(11) are filled out with the applicants.
Please select the other areas when you apply from today.

Early Bird deadline is extended!
CIE and KIE apologize the online application system error which sometimes forced to select one of the Post Summit Optional Programs.

It will be fixed in a few days, and in order to follow up this inconvenience, we will reset the Early Bird deadline as April 10th.

Japan-America Summit Price is Reduced !
The recent change in the Yen/$ exchange rate offers us the opportunity to pass along a price reduction for the upcoming summit in Shimane this July.
We are pleased to announce the following reduced prices for all participants.

※ The prices of local tours of July 3rd are not changed.

Next Summit - Shimane
The 23rd Japan - America Grassroots Summit 2013 will be held in Shimane prefecture, Japan.
Shimane situated in the southwest part of Japan's main island, isolated from hustle and bustle of city life by a large mountain range in the middle of the island. It is abundant with the beauty of untouched nature and traditions inherited since ancient times and filled with warm-hearted people.

The Opening Ceremony and Welcome Reception are planned on July 3rd at Izumo Grand Shrine and Shimane Winery in Izumo city. The 11 local session programs are prepared by volunteers of 11 cities and towns all over Shimane.

Please open the below brochure, application form and leaflet. We look forward to receiving your application!

"Greetings from Mr. Karino of Shimane Kenjin kai in NY"

As the Honorary Chairman of the Shimane Kenjin Kai (Prefectural Association) in New York, I am delighted that the Grassroots Summit of 2013 will be held in Shimane Prefecture. Although this area in Japan is not as widely known as some others, American visitors can look forward to being sincerely welcomed in a region known for its friendly people, beautiful sceneries and local cuisines. Shimane Prefecture is definitely the most ・・・(See more…)

Brochure of Shimane Summit 2013

Brochure of Shimane Summit
[PDF Files 9.8MB]

How to apply for Shimane Grassroots Summit
(1) Click the Online Application Form to fill in the necessary information, and click the "submit button".
You can attach the file of your passport copy in the Online form.

Online Application Form

(1) Download and print the application form and fill in the necessary information.
(2) Mail the above application form to KIE together with your passport copy.

Application Form
[PDF Files 120KB]

*After receiving the application form and the passport copy, KIE will send you the acknowledgement letter and necessary information about your travel itinerary.

Shimane Summit Leaflet

  Shimane Summit Leaflet
[PDF Files 928KB]

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