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The America-Japan  Grassroots SummitThe America-Japan  Grassroots Summit
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2015.06.09 “Oita Summit Guide” Uploaded!
2015.05.07 Application Deadline of Oita Summit Extended!
2015.04.20 ''The 25th Grassroots Summit in Oita''Updated!
2015.03.25 Promotion Video of the 25th Summit in Oita Uploaded!
2015.03.16 Annual Activity Report of FY2014 is uploaded!
Shimane Grassroots Summit My Trip to Japan 2013 by Dr. Matthew C. Perry CIE Gallery  Click here for the Summit videos
A 22-year history
The Japan-America Grassroots summit has been held alternately in Japan and America for 24 years. About 100 - 200 people from each country attend the summit every year.
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The 25th Grassroots Summit in Oita
The Japan-America Grassroots Summit 2015 will be held in Oita, from July 6.
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In praise of CIE
Japan and the United States are close allies. After the Great East Japan Earthquake, substantial support was provided by the United States,...
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About the Summit
The summit aims to promote the exchange of ideas as well as greater understanding and friendship between citizens of these two countries.
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John Manjiro &  Captain Whitfield
In 1841, 5 Japanese fishermen, including the 14 year-old John Manjiro were shipwrecked and brought aboard an American whaling boat under the command of Captain Whitfield.
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The major role played  by volunteers
A wide variety of locally-organized events are managed by the Summit Volunteer Committee and numerous volunteers.
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